The inspiration behind JAMIE REIGN; The LAST SPIRIT WARRIOR, comes from a small Hong Kong Fishing Village and a young boy who once lived there. The village is Tai Tam and the boy grew up to be the man I share my life with, James.

James' story is both fascinating and heartbreaking. Like Jamie Reign, James was abandoned by his Chinese mother and raised by his English Father. He lived on a barge, salvaged boats for a living and cooked for the crew. There were times of poverty and abuse, of hunger and fear but there were also great adventures. James tells stories of diving on wrecks, being caught in typhoons and has a particularly nasty tale of a propeller shaft slicing through his knee.

James eventually left Hong Kong and made a new life for himself. Although his early days were difficult and the scars are both literal and figurative, he knows that without them he wouldn't be the person he is today. And there are many who think that who he is today is truly admirable.

JAMIE REIGN; The LAST SPIRIT WARRIOR is dedicated to James.