As Jamie quickly learned the most important move you need to know is the bow. This is sometimes called a salute but no matter what it is called it is a sign of respect to the other person.
There are many variations to the bow and they differ as to what form of martial arts you study. The one used Chia Wu can be traced back to the Ming people, and it was a secret greeting to show they were rebels to the Manchurian dynasty.
To perform the Chia Wu bow

  • Stand with feet together
  • Form a fist with your right hand
  • Hold your right hand upright
  • Bring your fist and palm together at chest height making sure your elbows are pointed out and your forearms are parallel to the ground.
  • Bend slightly at the waist and maintain eye contact with who you are bowing to.
  • Do not lower your eyes. Even though this is a show of respect you can never be too sure who wants to bop you on the head!


Jamie uses the Eagle Claw when taking a fighting stance. His is particularly effective due to his double-jointedness. It is used to grip and grab and has the added advantage of looking very aggressive.
To make the claw:

  • Hold your four fingers together and bend them at the two upper knuckles
  • Hold your thumb to the side and bend it in towards the palm
  • Bend your whole hand back at the wrist


Jamie was always of the opinion that the coolest part of Kung Fu was the kicks. There really was no better way to show off than a spinning round kick, but the basic kicks are far more useful when sparring

Front Kick

    • From your sparing position shift your weight to the non kicking leg
    • Lift your knee of the kicking leg
    • Snap the lower leg out in front, try to get as much force as possible behind the kick
    • Make sure the impact is to the top of the foot and not the toes
    • Lower your leg as soon as the snap is complete so your opponent can not swipe out your support leg
    • By the way, this is the perfect groin kick but groin kicks are only to be used when you are in mortal danger

Side Kick

This is a strong kick but makes you unstable so use it sparingly in fights

  • From your sparring position shift your weight to the non kicking foot
  • Raise the knee of you kicking leg up to the side of your body
  • Snap the lower part of your leg out to the side
  • Bend your foot up at the ankle so the impact is to the outer edge of your foot

Swinging Side Kick

This kick is pretty much a side kick except it comes from behind and swings toward the front. It looks impressive and the swing gets a lot of force behind the kick. Its probably best for showing off because it leaves you unstable.