I grew up in the Blue Mountains, where everyday was an adventure in the fire-trails and bush tracks behind our home. Being the catholic school kids at the bottom of the street, our days were spent devising elaborate plans on how to avoid the flying rocks from the public school kids at the top. Our only defense was water-bombs filled with fake holy water. The local priest suggested we throw them at the top end kids so, with one carefully aimed shot we could turn them into reluctant catholics. He had a good sense of humour our Father Morgan.

From school I followed my dream to be a writer to University, where I enrolled in the School of Creative Arts. I majored in writing and produced some of the worst trite that has ever come out of the otherwise reputable institution. It turns out that at nineteen I didn't have much to say. However I did discover the stage and was mesmerized. I had a new plan, I was going to produce concerts! With a degree under one arm and a portfolio of mediocre writing under the other, I headed backstage.

I have worked with some of the world's biggest artists. I sat in the truss beside Madonna as she descended on her mirror ball, I executed the world's worst followspot cue for U2 and for the Eagles I was responsible for a pin spot pick up so precise it made the Lighting Designer applaud. I've been pushed aside by Elton John's security and was called 'Babe' by B.B. King.

I had found my stride and then I found my James. Together we returned to his place of birth to work on the production of the Hong Kong Handover Celebrations. We spent six months on the boats and barges and tugs of Hong Kong. There I got to know the world James grew up in, its history and its mysteries. Not long after that we were producing a show in Malaysia and met Jackie Chan, and from these two events Jamie Reign grew.

It was a long gestation period, with a couple of short courses to remind myself I could write and as a result, Jamie Reign is alive and Josephine Williams is taking form. Now I write for my children and I let them know that the best stories in life are when you turn who you are, into what you always wanted to be…. and not to take self defense advice from a priest.